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Just sprinkle the pine scent Magic CrystalsTM onto the 15" foam stencil to see Santa's Bootprint(TM). It couldn't be easier or more fun and you will create a memory that will last a lifetime. This product can be used on all types of floors, but would be most effective on rugs and carpets. Directions 1. Rotate cap to expose holes. 2. Sprinkle lightly onto stencil. 3. Gently shake canister from side to side. It is not necessary to completely cover the stencil. A light coating of Santa's Bootprint(TM) Magic Crystals(TM) will look much more realistic. 4. After use, just vacuum away. Keeps vacuum cleaner smelling fresh. SANTAFOOTPRINT300w.jpg $17.99 Includes USA Shipping The Background on The Development of Santa's BootprintTM Before the 19th century, people from virtually every country told tales of gift-giving Christmas spirit. German children awaited the arrival of Kris Kringle. British tots dreamed of Father Christmas. In Russia, it was a female babushka that visited homes leaving treats for children. All of these gift-giving spirits combined with legendary 4th-century Saint named Nicholas to give us our Santa Claus. Children naturally wanted to know where Santa Claus actually came from. Where did he live when he wasn't delivering presents? Those questions gave rise to the legend that Santa Claus lived at the North Pole, where his Christmas–gift workshop was also located. Customs from different parts of the Northern Hemisphere thus came together and created the whole world's Santa Claus – The ageless, timeless, deathless white-bearded man who gave out gifts on Christmas. Many legends and customs relate to a bearded fat man that mystifies children. His ability to distribute gifts at the speed of light yet has time to take a bite from a cookie and a sip of milk. There, in the living room, lay the proof beyond doubt that Santa had indeed visited during the night. On the carpet near the fireplace, cleaned to perfection by my mother the day before, were Bootprints, large soled Magic Crystal Bootprints(TM). These prints led from the fireplace through the room and became faint near the tree. There is no way that these Bootprints, if made by my parents, would have survived a final Christmas Eve inspection tour by Mom. Besides, the boots belonged to someone who wore much larger shoes than my Dad and to add to the evidence was Mom's reaction....she didn't seem to notice the tracts at all! It was as if this was something to expect on Christmas morning. As we sat down to dinner in the dining room, I saw that the Bootprint had been vacuumed away from the carpet. No matter, I saw them still as I do today, years later, brightly locked in my memory.
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